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Francis Clark, Finance in the South West, Exeter Racecourse

InnovateWest/ DirectorHub Collaborative Event, Virtual Jet Centre, April/May 2016 (TBC)

Talking Business, Teignbridge Business Conference, Exeter Racecourse, 3rd December 2015

InnovateWest will be speaking at this event – free to attend book here:

Summer 2015:

Autumn 2015,  Collaborative workshop

29th September, Dartington Hall, Devon  (from £16.75-£51 per delegate)

Eventbrite - DirectorHub: Video, Brands, Teams - Launching Peer to Peer Self-Support Hub

Lean Start-Up Collaborative Workshop for Entrepreneurs:

30th June, Bristol Robotics Lab – A&AE iNet members only – EVENT COMPLETE

25th June, Exeter area – A&AE iNet members only – EVENT COMPLETE

lean 25 June

27th Feb Dartington Hall, Devon –  EVENT COMPLETE

6th March Dillington House, Somerset – EVENT COMPLETE

29th Jan  Dartington Hall, Devon (Entrepreneurs) –  EVENT COMPLETE

4th Dec  Dartington Hall, Devon (Advisers) –  EVENT COMPLETE

Flyer: Lean Start-Up Methodologies workshop 27th Febv3

Ready! Fire! Aim! participants will acquire value proposition design and lean start-up methodology skills, increase business awareness and take-away resources to use back at the coalface. This facilitated workshop will suit entrepreneurs within both established businesses & start-ups (as well as business advisers).

“Fantastic mix of theory/best practice frameworks with real-life practical examples from those who have been there & done that.” (participant at similar workshop)

Lean Start-Up (iNets) May, Bristol:




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